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Guardian Education was established to offer a new approach to teacher recruitment. 

IN 15 years working for large education recruitment agencies we saw too many gifted teachers, assistants and support staff sent to too many unbefitting schools in too many unsuitable locations. But those experiences helped us outline a more joined-up way to supply schools with the most suitable staff for them. 
Guardian Education specialises in supplying staff only to primary schools, allowing us to focus on one area of teacher recruitment with more tailored services and greater success. 


Our offices, in central Stockport, lie at the heart of the area we endeavour to serve along the southern belt of the M60. We are local to the staff we choose to supply and close to the schools we seek to enhance. 
Through Guardian Education, it is our vision and goal to leave a lasting positive impact on teaching in the area. We are doing that by delivering a service that is respected for its invested, diligent and caring approach to bringing supply staff and schools together. 
We restrict our services to just six local education boroughs, providing us with a better understanding of each of our primary schools and the communities they serve. This enables us to work with schools in a more integrated way. Subsequently, we feel we supply more compatible staff to the primary schools that work with Guardian Education. 

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